21st, October, 2014, RigaIFF

Discover Riga through Film Walk map

Starting from the 21st of October the RigaIFF invites everyone to dwell into the historical aspects of the Latvian film industry. The Riga Film Museum, with the help of Latvian film history’s foremost professionals Agris Redovics and Kristine Matiss, have introduced the very first Film Walk map - an exciting opportunity to discover Riga as a film city. It marks the different filming spots used both for cult films from Soviet times and in contemporary Latvian cinema, as well as reveals the different personalities of Latvian cinema, historical and current film theatres and other film-related institutions in Riga. All the information has been complemented by corresponding images of the different locations and how they looked on the film sets.


The four routes have been designed in a way that is of interest to both local and foreign visitors, encouraging them to do a little cinema sightseeing tour of Riga. Along them, visitors will discover: Vecriga, a popular location for shooting Soviet films; Jauniela, where the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was filmed; Zirgu street and its crass transformation from the German post-war drama ’17 Pavasara Mirkli’ (1973) and finally, the route will also pass through the locations for some very well-known Latvian films, e.g., where the character Anita, played by the wonderful Akvelina Livmane in the film ‘Apple in the River’ (1974), slowly sips her cocktail in the cage or where Kurmis (Eduards Pavuls), with his comrades, put up political campaign posters in the film ‘Pie bagātās kundzes’ (1969). Similar stories can be found on the other routes.

The Film Walk map can be purchased on the Riga Film Museum website in Latvian and Russian languages and soon available also in English: http://www.kinomuzejs.lv/karte