In collaboration with the National Film Centre of Latvia, Riga Meetings will provide a vast relevant industry section, which will include various events for both cinema locals and foreign guests, as well as a wider festival audience.

‘Riga Meetings’ is an annual event organised by the National Film Centre that unites film industry professionals from around the world. It has grown from a gathering of producers into a much larger-scale selection of events and in December, film lovers will have the opportunity to attend a wide range of special events – seminars given by some of the most renowned professionals in Europe, workshops for film professionals and an array of film screenings, including the most recent and critically acclaimed Baltic releases. These will be accompanied by the traditional producer meetings and will give everyone the opportunity to discuss potential future collaborations and shared projects with their foreign counterparts.

Events for the general public will take place at the Latvian National Library in Ziedona Hall. The 9th of December will be devoted to Baltic Films – the programme will include the most recent films from Lithuania and Estonia. On the following day, the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, will host a conference on ‘Latvian cinema in the European context’, with a screening of Mark Cousin’s ‘A Story of Children’ on the same day. Meanwhile, throughout the 11th of December, people will have the opportunity to attend different lectures and seminars led by such film industry stars as Wim Wenders and Agnieszka Holland. There will also be daily film screenings and corresponding networking events with the filmmakers.

For more information, programme and registration please follow here and in the organiser’s web page