The world needs stories. Stories entertain, educate, provoke us. But above all, they define us, just as we define them when we write our own stories in this universe.

Every film is first and foremost the story, even when the story is seemingly hidden in all other aspects of the audiovisual medium. The story is at the core of all stages of film production, from the moment of inception and concept to the final marketing campaign. It is also the most vulnerable element in the creative structure of the filmmaking process- if this foundation is not solid, the entire house will be unstable.

We think that storytelling can always do with improvement and this is true everywhere, but it is crucial to the developing film industries, such as the Baltic film communities. It will always be of importance to our international counterparts as well, as long as we choose to tell these stories in all possible formats.

In collaboration with 2ANNAS team, this year we will commence the yearly initiative - European Script Meeting in Riga, where the main focus will be on the story, storytellers and screenwriting professionals. We will explore how the initial story can reach a variety of different screens and how creative partnerships lay the foundations for successful storytelling.

This year from 10 - 14th of December invited international screenwriters, producers and directors will assemble in Riga. The occasion will focus on initial concepts and the development of new projects and screenplays, as well as possible future co-productions. Representatives of various project creative teams will be invited to submit a brief description of their story, whereupon up to 12 projects will be selected for creative meetings with established and upcoming screenwriting professionals (see the participant list, to be updated) to discuss possible co-operation and further steps in the project development. The structure of the event will be organized as individual one-on-one meetings but will not be limited to it. To have a productive setting for shaping new ideas within their initial conception, networking, crossover meetings and participant brainstorming will be encouraged regardless of the set meeting structure.

In addition to meetings, there will be readings and case studies on the international adaptability of film scripts (speakers to be confirmed) as well as location study tours of Riga and its neighbourhoods. ESM participants will also be welcome to take part in Riga Meetings (9 – 13 December), organized by the National Film Centre of Latvia. It will offer an extensive programme of lectures and masterclasses run by world-class film industry representatives, like Agnieszka Holland and Wim Wenders, as well as meetings with film producers from Latvia and other countries planning to collaborate on film shooting in Latvia.​

Preliminary programme of the European Script Meeting:

December 10 – arrival of guests

December 11 – one-on-one meetings of creative representatives and screenwriting professionals, National film Festival Lielais Kristaps closing and award ceremony

December 12 – location study tour, Riga Meetings co-production and service meetings, industry party

December 13 – one-on-one meetings of creative representatives and screenwriting professionals, readings, case studies, and location study tour

December 14 – departure of guests

Contact the team:

General inquiries: scriptmeeting[@]

General manager: Amanda Boka; amanda[@]; +371 26551248

Industry consultant: Guntars Laucis; guntars[@]

Seminar manager: Ieva Pitruka; ieva[@]